Our Fleet

Changing Tourism in a Renewable Way

We have a small fleet of cruisers that can hold up to 15 guests in total. These are fully electric cruisers, powered by Lithium batteries, that can travel up to 25mph. A full charge can last up to 9 hours, and if we need a quick boost, the city has SUPER chargers that keep us running.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do in the winter?

Don’t worry, we’re ready for all of the seasons in Wisconsin. Your comfort is important to ensuring a great experience, and every one of our cruisers is equipped with heat. So, as the weather cools down, we install the doors, turn it on, and continue to enjoy this great city!

Are your cruisers air-conditioned?

We think of our eco-friendly cruisers as being “naturally conditioned”. The doors on all of our cruisers are fully removable, so in warmer weather we take them off and create a comfortable flow of air while we travel.

“Can I rent a cruiser?”

Yes! Check out our VIP Ride page or email us for more information.

“Can you accommodate¬†large groups?”

Yes! We also have a 12 seat bus that will have you singing our praises; which is why it’s equipped with on-board KARAOKE! Our bus also features a 43″ TV, as well as Super Nintendo and WII game consoles. For private groups larger than 12 people, we work with other companies to accommodate your needs.

Group Travel:
Let us plan your trip to Milwaukee.  We will discuss what is the must see on your bucket list and design a trip just for your group and add in some other great things about Milwaukee so you wont miss out!

Advertise With Us

Our highly visible cruisers are a great way to have your business seen again and again all over town. And we’d love to advertise¬† your business.